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  • Welcome to Central Park Dental Practice

Thank you for choosing this practice, which is a modern dental practice, established 2006.

At Central Park Dental Practice we take great pride in the quality of our treatment and services. We can assure you, that you are in good hands to get the right care and support. We believe we can offer what you need through our professional competence. In our relaxing and comfortable environment, we would like to make your visit a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Our aim is optimum dental health for you and your family with an emphasis on preventive dental care. That involves giving regular advice and helping you understand how to care for your teeth and gums, and so reduce stress and the need for dental treatment. Click here for a video on effective tooth brushing.


We also would like to provide you with a healthy looking smile which can give you confidence and success in your daily life and make you feel comfortable and satisfied with yourself.

Function & Comfort

We can change uncomfortable and uneven teeth and restorations into smooth, strong, stable and functional bites. We will make sure you can chew, eat and enjoy your food without embarrassing and unpleasant surprises. Click here for information to support dental prevention in children and young people.


By regular dental visits and checks we can help you maintain a healthy mouth. Click here for a video on interdental cleaning.


Please see our FAQ page for additional info on AAA - Advice, Analgesics and Antibiotics for patients

Our hygienist Wioletta Sztuka is doing 2 days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are her working days. She will be doing a thorough assessment to see what is necessary in your specific case and provide both Ultra-Sonic scaling and handscaling as appropriate for your periodontal condition. Take the opportunity to see her for your dental hygiene treatment. It is beneficial for your overall health to have scaling and cleaning done to treat and keep gum disease under control.

Dental implant treatment is always a treatment option that we recommend for missing teeth and if necessary also bone replacement. Ask for a consultation with Dr. Norgren-Alarcon who can assess and see if this is suitable for you in your specific case.

Fast Braces is a fast and effective no extraction treatment for crooked and misaligned teeth. Dr Anita Norgren-Alarcon is offering this for her patients and can give a quote after a consultation appointment. "A lot can happen in 120 days"!

Somnowell stop snoring appliance is a very successful treatment for patients who suffer from snoring and sleep aphnea.

We offer individual payment plans and finance for more expensive treatment to spread the cost. Ask your dentist or reception staff for the options available.

For all our private & independent patients we recommend to join our Dental Practice Plan to spread your treatment costs and encourage regular dental visits. You can benefit from worldwide accident & emergency cover and discounted prices for dental treatment. We have 5 different plans - speak to our reception or your dentist to see what is best for you.

To new and old patients of ours we hope to see you soon and rest assured that we can offer the best possible dental treatment and care according to your needs. Maintaining a healthy mouth, gums and teeth is what we all are passionate about.

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