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  • Welcome to Central Park Dental Practice

Thank you for choosing this practice, which is a modern dental practice, established 2006.

At Central Park Dental Practice we take great pride in the quality of our treatment and services. We can assure you, that you are in good hands to get the right care and support. We believe we can offer what you need through our professional competence. In our relaxing and comfortable environment, we would like to make your visit a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Our aim is optimum dental health for you and your family with an emphasis on preventive dental care. That involves giving regular advice and helping you understand how to care for your teeth and gums, and so reduce stress and the need for dental treatment.


We also would like to provide you with a healthy looking smile which can give you confidence and success in your daily life and make you feel comfortable and satisfied with yourself.

Function & Comfort

We can change uncomfortable and uneven teeth and restorations into smooth, strong, stable and functional bites. We will make sure you can chew, eat and enjoy your food without embarrassing and unpleasant surprises.


By regular dental visits and checks we can help you maintain a healthy mouth.


We are happy to introduce to our patients, Dr Suzanne Coward who has now joined our team. She has been qualified since 2009 and enjoy working in general dentistry and you can be confident that she will provide good quality dentistry and advise you to the best suitable treatment in your specific case. Don't hesitate to ask her about any concerns and worries you might have in regards to dental treatment.

As well we have now a second hygienist, Charlotte Thompson who is working Thursdays to help in the treatment of gumdisease with deep scaling, polish and prevention by instruction in oral health care. Charlotte is doing DERMAL FILLERS and is happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements. Charlotte is going on a lip filler masterclass on 22nd April in Harley Street.

The Dental Hygienist is working alongside the dentists to inform, prevent, treat and hopefully cure the damage from bacterial plaque and tartar/calculus that builds up if your teeth and gums are not kept clean regularly. The hygienists treatment is very important and facilitates the option to do aesthetic treatment for our patients.

If you are not happy with your smile - FAST BRACES is a special type of fixed braces which can provide a quicker, more predictable and longlasting result than with conventional braces.

We can provide ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT privately for our younger patients. With removable braces we can straighten and correct crooked, misaligned teeth and jaw relations in an early stage. With easy and straightforward corrections in an early age we can prevent the need for fixed braces in the future. Ask for a consultation with Dr Norgren-Alarcon if you have any queries regarding your straightening of teeth.

In our range of treatment we want to remind you that we offer...

  1. IMPLANT TREATMENT with bone replacement for our patients. If any of your front or back teeth are failing, don't forget that fixed implants are an excellent treatment option to fill your gaps. Contact the practice to get a quote for your case. It might not be as expensive as you think.
  2. CLEAR ALIGNERS which can straighten your teeth in a more pleasant, invisable way which doesn't affect you daily routines very much.
  3. SOMNOWELL ANTISNORING DEVICE which is a very successful and efficient appliance to stop you from snoring and waking up in the night. You can now sleep all night through without interruption. A more comfortable devise in that respect is difficult to find.

If you need more expensive work like bridges and implants, that can be paid by monthly deposits and we can set up an INDIVIDUAL PAYMENT PLAN for you. CENTRAL PARK MEMBERSHIP PLAN + Worldwide Dental Accident & Emergency cover for our private patients that will be more cost effective as it offers 10% discount off any routine treatment required.

Ask our friendly reception staff or dentist in surgery for more details. Also see TESTIMONIALS from our happy patients.

Do not forget that we are here to help you keep your mouth and teeth clean, restored and in a healthy condition at all times which will improve your wellbeing, smile and make a HAPPIER YOU. We are looking forward to see you regularly!

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